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I’m stalking Brian Bremer’s work so hard.

So Nick made a parenting PSA once. 

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Just close your eyes and relax as Brian Bremer Nick tells you about his trip to the Canadian Rockies (◡‿◡✿) 

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To cope with the grief that was episode 4, I made Nick's shirt for 
my cosplaying and memorial needs. It was originally meant to be private, but there's a bunch of people who asked for it, so here it is. 
It's not very messy, but a few grams of salt in the laundry machine and sandpaper should change that.

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Three Bigby Wolf Moon
T-shirt Version

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"Speak Greek to me, Gen. In cursive."

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PSAT class doodles in cursive.

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Doug Rattmann, also known as the Ratman, is a former Aperture Science employee, and one of the few survivors of GLaDOS’ flooding of the Enrichment Center with neurotoxin. Introduced through his murals in Portal, his story was expanded in Portal 2: Lab Rat.

Sims 2 <download>

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Oi, Sideshow Bob! You tryin’ t’ start sometin’, mate? Better stop startin’! Yeah, stop startin’. You should stop startin’, mate! Start stoppin’. Yeah, stop startin’. Start stoppin’!

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Now, did you really think I would let these two slip away? 1968 version.

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"Ben’s nice. He’s my friend. We don’t leave friends behind.

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When to their patients they are called,

In places by the plague appalled,

Their hats and cloaks, of fashion new,

Are made of oilcloth, dark of hue.

Their moral close, their dictum tight,

They wail and howl "GESUNDHEIT!"

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Pen & Ink reproduction; idea stolen from: anothermimeklou 

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GLaDOS from Portal 2 coming soon to your game. 

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